In the recent age where every aspect of a business is automated there are security risks which face different companies. Unlike in the past where hacking was undertaken by a single person, online attacks and theft are done with a syndicate with an aim of stealing sensitive information or get money fraudulently. whenever you describe a hacking scenario, you will find that you have to begin with the organization behind it even before the actual hacking is undertaken. You will discover that there is a bidding market s for crime syndicates, malware, botnets and cyber warfare. Some of the security issues which companies and simple users face include:


ethical-hackingUnlike the past where hackers would brag about a certain hacking, these days hackers try to fly under the radar. IT security professionals have to deal with an increasing number of individuals who try to gain access to confidential information. Motives behind these hacking may be to embarrass or gain access to private information. There are some options which may help you to avoid hackers activities in your devices like virtual private networks, you can take a hint what it is on or any other VP network provider. 



malwareAnother threat to online security is malware which is used to gain information from a company. Nowadays, a programmer will create a malware for his own use or sell. There are companies or teams which are dedicated to writing malware to bypass security defenses. This malware is sold on open market platforms where buyers would bid for the malware. Often this malware would be sent as a program stub and once it can ensure that it can survive through a reboot. After this, it contacts the mothership web server for further instructions. The stub will try to send out DNS queries to DNS servers which can also be infected computers which act as a temporary DNS server.This continues until the stub receives the final instructions and the malicious program is installed.


botnet-attacksBotnets are also a common threat to online security. They are no longer for the creator and you will find out that they are rented out per hour for a specific task. They will attempt to exploit thousands of computers in an effort to create a single botnet after which they connect back to its command and control server for instructions. The instructions can be dropping off a ransomware program. Because this issue can be found on millions of computers a day, this means more problems for IT Security professionals.

The compromised web

At the basic level at any business, a PC is used with almost every individual in a company. A website is also a computer and webmasters are end users like every workstation user in the company. You will be surprised to learn that the web is filled with malicious JavaScript redirection links. Attackers will use the end user computers to find a weakness which will allow the attackers to bypass admin authentication enabling them to write a malicious script. some of the common weaknesses in a website include cross-site scripting, poor passwords, vulnerable software, insecure permissions and SQL injection.

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